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When reflecting on any social media or digital marketing campaign, you must analyze your traffic sources to understand what strategies are working. This means diving into your metrics to determine how people find their way to your website or landing page. This post will outline everything you need to know about google analytics traffic, how to measure it, and how to improve your metrics if they aren’t meeting your goals.


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What is google analytics traffic?

Within the google analytics dashboard, you have access to the data on how visitors are coming to your website; whether it's direct traffic, organic search paid search, or referrals. This means you will be able to determine if your SEO strategy, social media outreach, google ads, LinkedIn posts, and other efforts are truly helping the performance of your website or eCommerce platform.

With this information, you can tweak your marketing strategy to emphasize weaker areas; for example, if your organic traffic is low, enhance your more substantial areas, like if everyone is coming to your site through referral traffic on your social media, and boost your website’s performance in the google search results.

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How to calculate google analytics traffic?

Because all the data can be found within the google analytics dashboard as individual metrics broken down by traffic type, there is no need to calculate yourself as the total count will be shown in your dashboard. Additionally, the source of your traffic will be tracked by UTM parameters like utm_source, utm_medium, and utm_campaign in the backend.

What is good google analytics traffic?

Because google analytics traffic is tracking multiple metrics simultaneously, there is no single strong number. Depending on your marketing efforts and goals, you may emphasize different components of your web traffic. To build a loyal audience, you may care less about organic traffic but focus more on pageviews that result from bookmarks. Or, if you are focusing a lot on referral traffic, you may be more interested in tracking the referral source to see which of your website traffic sources are boosting your google analytics account the most. There is no need for equal success across all measures, but it is more important to see success in the rankings where you focus most of your energy.

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What is bad google analytics traffic?

Along the same lines, there are no objectively bad traffic report numbers; it is all contingent on your marketing goals and objectives and how you stack up according to those targets.

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Google Analytics KPI examples & templates

Here are some templates : 

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Google analytics report template Google analytics report template

An awesome report with important metrics for your SEO strategy. Track your marketing efforts with KPIs like organic searches (Google search), single-page data, and audience demographics.

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Digital marketing report template Digital marketing report template

From SEO to social media platforms and PPC, this report gives you a good view of all your online marketing strategy metrics and overall online performance. 

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SEO report template SEO report template

Gather all your favorite SEO tools, from Google Analytics to SEMrush, Ahrefs, and way more into a single, awesome SEO report! With this report template, you can track all your SEO performance and keyword rankings in seconds.

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Google analytics traffic best practices

If your site traffic isn’t hitting the levels you were hoping for, consider taking the following steps to improve your metrics.

Organic traffic best practices

step 1 icon Take measures to reduce your bounce rate

Make sure visitors to your site stay on your site. Engage them with compelling web copy, images, and calls to action. Plus, if your bounce rate is high, it will affect your search engine performance, and google will know your site isn’t always considered high value to its users.

step 2 icon Optimize SEO

Make sure you have narrowed down the necessary search terms and AdWords to optimize your performance. If you use a platform like WordPress, increasing your SEO efforts is worthwhile, and there are detailed steps you can take. These measures will help you perform better in google search results, yahoo, and bing.

step 3 icon Leverage email marketing

Engage with your audience and invite them to sign up for an email list so that you can continuously get in touch with new additions and updates. With a simple plugin, you can ask visitors to input their contact information and develop a loyal following.

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