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Social likes are the main form of engagement on social media and social networks, where real people use their social media presence social media users can show their interest in content by hitting that Facebook like button, or heart button depending on the platform. We will outline what they are, how they work, and how to leverage them for your social media marketing strategy. 


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What are social likes?

Social likes are the hearts you get on Instagram posts, the likes you get from your TikTok followers, the thumbs-ups you get on Facebook, and other similar formats across popular social networks and social media platforms.

This metric is a strong indicator of your post’s rankings and performance in the algorithm, and it can let you know if the type of content you are posting on your Facebook page or Instagram account is connecting with your viewers in the right way. 

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How to calculate social likes

When it comes to calculating social likes, it’s as easy as it sounds. It is simply the number of likes you receive from your YouTube subscribers, Twitter followers, LinkedIn posts, or whatever platform you are using for your social media marketing strategy. Different than YouTube views or retweets, the number of post likes is simply the number of hearts or thumbs-up you receive and shows your post engagement.

What is a good number of social likes?

You’ll notice that social media influencers will get hundreds of thousands of likes. Of course, you may not be able to compete with this at first, and that’s ok. A good number of social likes isn’t necessarily driven by the quantity itself but as a ratio of the likes to your number of followers. It is all about having a good ratio to show that your post is getting strong engagement. 

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What is a bad number of likes?

Anything lower than a 1%-3% engagement rate from your follower count shows that your post is receiving a lower number of social likes. This doesn’t always mean the post is low in quality, as other metrics may be performing well including comments and shares.

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Social likes KPI examples & templates

Your social likes can be added to multiple different types of reports. Here are some of them:

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Social media report template Social media report template

Our social media report template has everything you need to get your marketing team started quickly: it’s pre-built with the standard social media metrics and KPIs you need, and it’s fully customizable so that you can visualize the data you want, the way you want. From tweets to Instagram analytics stats and hashtags, you'll be able to track your entire social media performance at a glance.

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Hotel marketing report template Hotel marketing report template

Make marketing and sales reporting a breeze with our sales report template. You can keep on top of your bookings, ad campaigns, organic search results, social media presence, and more with customizable reporting templates. Use DashThis to quickly and easily create your sales and marketing reports so you can spend more time on marketing activities and sales operations. 

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Community management report template Community management report template

Track all your social media performance, and show your social media strategy results to your boss in no time! Spend less time reporting and more time on growing your community with this all-in-one community management report template.

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Social likes best practices

To get a high number of social likes, here are some of the best practices you should keep in mind :

Pageviews best practices

step 1 icon Don’t buy Instagram likes or buy Instagram followers

There are bots out there that you can pay to drive up your quantity of likes and even gain new followers. But these are not considered high-quality likes, since they are unlikely to engage with your content in an ongoing and reliable way and may drive down your overall engagement rate and social media presence. Try to avoid these, especially on Instagram where they are most popular, and instead focus on getting real Instagram followers who give you real likes on your content.

step 2 icon Post high-quality content

If your followers aren’t liking your content, then it may mean that it is not adding value. Consider readjusting your strategy or even hiring social media marketing services to nail down a stronger approach for your niche.

step 3 icon Identify your target audience

Similar to point 2, if your followers aren’t liking your content and you are posting high-quality visuals and text, you may be targeting the wrong audience. Consider readjusting your social media strategy to figure out which audience would best suit the type of content you post, your brand’s voice, and your market.

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