How do I create a social media dashboard for Facebook, Twitter and Youtube?



Your new client craves everything social? So, you don’t hesitate to set up a whole social media strategy that includes Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, among other things.

Then, the client gets tons of Twitter followers, Facebook likes and YouTube video views. You tell yourself that it would be great to create a social media dashboard mixing all of those cool social media metrics, don’t you?

Well, it’s possible, and quite easy!

Using DashThis, you can connect all your accounts to pull data from. Connecting Facebook Insights, Twitter or YouTube is a piece of cake; their API makes the process very smooth.




Once connected, you can select one or more data sources from those accounts to use in your dashboard. Then, you can create a dashboard with your data as required.

Below, you’ll find more information on what dimensions, metrics and Key Performance Indicators are available for Facebook Insights, Twitter and YouTube.