Advertising is essential for almost every business. Most companies set aside a budget for ads and count on bringing in enough business to cover that cost. Facebook ads are one of the most effective advertising options, but can you know if your Facebook ad campaign brings your company a return on investment? CPA on Facebook (cost-per-action or cost-per-acquisition) is a metric you need to follow.


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What is Facebook CPA?

CPA metrics measures what you pay every time your target audience engages with your website through a Facebook ad. This metric covers numerous sub-metrics like page likes, lead generation, link clicks, landing page visits, app installations, and more—it depends on which action you are aiming for and which one you set Facebook advertising to track.

In addition, measuring your CPA helps you track your click-through rate (ctr), cost per click (CPC), and more, as well as helping you budget your ad spending through your Facebook page. Ultimately, this KPI shows you how well your ad connects with your target audience and what conversion rate you achieve within the demographics you are reaching.

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How to calculate the Facebook CPA

Facebook CPA is measured by dividing the cost of the advertisement by the number of successful conversions.

Facebook CPA formula


CPA = Cost of ad / Number of actions taken

What is a good Facebook CPA?

Across all industries, the average Facebook ad cost per click is $1.86, much less than advertisers pay on Google ads. However, this figure varies across sectors with different profit margins and return on investment results depending on custom audiences, campaign budgets, and more. But you are doing well if you see anything around the average range or less.

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What is a bad Facebook CPA?

If you are seeing a number exceedingly higher than that and not getting a return on investment with your Facebook ads, consider amping up your advertising strategies and reflecting on additional metrics in your Facebook ads manager to enhance your ad performance.

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Facebook CPA best practices

If you see unsuccessful figures for your Facebook ads CPA and need to optimize your advertising costs to get the best results out of your ad budget, consider utilizing the following strategies. 

Facebook CPA best practices

step 1 icon Setup Facebook Ad Pixel

Facebook’s Pixel helps you optimize your ad for additional conversions, which is especially useful for e-commerce sites. It will help you reduce your CPA while accessing the right Facebook users through strategic ad placements. In addition, its code integration into your website will help you gain further insights.

step 2 icon Split test your ad

Rather than using only a few images for your ad campaign, consider using a higher total number to test out what works and improve your digital marketing strategy through lowered CPA costs.

step 3 icon Experiment with different formats

Video ads, for example, tend to cost less per view, so gaining video views in your campaign could bring down your CPA figure. Incorporating video formats often is seen as the best way to reduce CPA costs and integrate compelling advertising content into the newsfeed.

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