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Social media is a critical tool for most marketers to engage with their audience. A Facebook page for many businesses is now almost as important as a homepage. Social media platforms are now a vital part of a company's digital marketing strategy. Getting the highest engagement rates possible could be the difference between success and failure. The average Facebook user spends about an hour and a half per day on the platform. With billions of users, it's easy to see why any business would want to have significant benchmarks and above average engagement rate in their social media marketing. This network is here to stay even though other networks try to dethrone it. But, have you ever wondered how Facebook defines its reach and engagement metrics? Or what does it mean for your business page? This is one of the questions that the Facebook engagement rate KPI answers, so let's explore this significant metric now.


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What is Facebook engagement rate?

The Facebook engagement rate is the number of likes, comments, shares, and reactions divided by the number of fans on your page. This gives you an idea of how much interaction each piece of content you post receives. The higher this number is, the more likely you will get more engagement with future posts.

The higher your engagement rate, the more likely you will attract new customers and build a strong brand presence. Facebook's algorithm wants people to stay on its platform, and so it rewards those pages and Facebook posts with high engagement rates with more visitors. Social networks all typically reward users this way, so post engagement and a reasonable engagement rate are good KPIs to use, especially if you are a marketer who focuses on social media management.

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How to calculate Facebook engagement rate?

The Facebook engagement rate is calculated by dividing the total number of likes, comments, views, and shares your posts have received by the number of fans or followers who have seen them.

For example, if you have 5,000 fans who have seen your posts and you've received 1,000 likes and 500 comments for those posts, then your engagement rate would be 20 percent. 

Facebook engagement Rate formula


Total engagement/ Total Reach = Engagement Rate

What is a good Facebook engagement rate?

Industry benchmarks state that the median engagement rate for Facebook is about 0.08%. This varies across industries as sports teams get much more social media engagement than tech industry posts or some media company posts. It's possible to boost the number of people viewing your content by using Facebook ads and hashtags and optimizing your social media strategy to get more clicks. This will only work for the time period your ads are running.

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What is a bad Facebook engagement rate?

A lousy Facebook engagement rate would be anything that falls a few percentage points below your industry's standard. Thankfully there are many benchmarks based on social media analytics across various sectors that can help you gauge whether you should be getting higher engagement or not.

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Facebook engagement rate KPI examples & templates

Your Facebook engagement rate can be added to multiple different types of reports. Here are some of them:

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Social media report template Social media report template

Our social media report template has everything you need to get your marketing team started quickly: it’s pre-built with the standard social media metrics and KPIs you need, and it’s fully customizable so that you can visualize the data you want, the way you want. From tweets to Instagram analytics stats and hashtags, you'll be able to track your entire social media performance at a glance.

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Hotel marketing report template Hotel marketing report template

Make marketing and sales reporting a breeze with our sales report template. You can keep on top of your bookings, ad campaigns, organic search results, social media presence, and more with customizable reporting templates. Use DashThis to quickly and easily create your sales and marketing reports so you can spend more time on marketing activities and sales operations. 

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Community management report template Community management report template

Track all your social media performance, and show your social media strategy results to your boss in no time! Spend less time reporting and more time on growing your community with this all-in-one community management report template.

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Facebook engagement rate best practices

Some best practices for getting a high engagement rate :

Facebook engagement rate best practices

step 1 icon Focus your content on organic reach

Unless you have an unlimited budget, you'll want to make sure your posts target the right audience. Other best practices are similar across social media posts like LinkedIn and TikTok.

step 2 icon Post consistently

If you want people to engage with your posts on Facebook, it's essential to post regularly — at least once a day if possible (daily posting has been shown to increase engagement). Make sure each post is relevant and exciting so that people will want to read it and share it with their friends.

step 3 icon Use video content

Video is one of the most engaging types of content on Facebook posts with video receive more engagement than those without video. People also tend to spend longer watching videos on Facebook than photo or text posts. As a result, videos are ideal for getting your audience engaged with your business page and generate more interest in your products or services.

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