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New Sessions are one of the most important site reports in your analytics package. Sessions are a glimpse into the behaviors of your site visitors and new users. They tell you how effective your marketing campaigns, SEO, and website initiatives have been. This information also lets you see how returning users react to a page for the first time. The challenge is understanding all the information a new visitor can give you to improve user interactions, session duration on your website or landing page, and making sure the time period of users increases the chances of conversion. We'll explore this and help you understand the importance of this essential KPI.


What are new sessions?

New sessions are the number of times users visit your site for the first time. It's measured by counting how many times a single user visits your site within a given timeframe. Many marketers use a service like Google Analytics to provide you with data that breaks down the amount of time spent in a user session.

The New Sessions KPI is an excellent indicator of how well your digital marketing strategy works. If you have a growing number of new sessions, people find your website when they search online, on social media, or hear about you through word of mouth. In addition, marketers who use Google Ads or social media ads use this information to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and make adjustments as needed.

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How to calculate new sessions?

If you want to calculate this KPI, you can use the following formula:

New Sessions = Total Sessions – Returning Sessions

This is a great way to measure how many new users access your website. For example, if you have 100 sessions in a week and 25 of those were returning users, 75 new users visited your site this past week.

What is a good number of new sessions?

A good number of new sessions will vary from industry to industry, but generally speaking, 10-15% growth in new sessions per month is considered healthy. If you're an eCommerce site trying to sell products, it's essential to see how many people see your product and then buy it. You can also look at the average order value (AOV) or conversion rate of each page.

If you're a lead generation company, you are more interested in how many leads you can get per day versus how many leads are converted into customers.

Suppose you're an information provider, such as Wikipedia or other online encyclopedias. In that case, your goal may be to provide as much information as possible so that users can find what they need. If that's the case, new sessions per day are not necessarily essential but rather the amount of time people spend on your site and what pages they visit most often.

In general, keeping a good ratio between new and returning sessions will be the best way to measure this number.

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What is a bad number of new sessions?

If you see less than 5% growth in monthly new sessions, it's time to take action. If you're using a third-party tool and something like your google analytics metrics shows numbers like this, there is something wrong with your website analytics, or something may need to be updated. Google analytics 4 is the latest analytics version you'll want to make sure you've updated to. Ensure you have the most up-to-date information in your google analytics account. Other possible issues may be that your website isn't optimized for mobile devices and may have problems constant like timeouts or issues during the checkout process for eCommerce transactions.

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New sessions KPI examples & templates

New sessions can be added to a few of our awesome templates.

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Google analytics report template Google analytics report template

Google Analytics is a one-stop-shop where you get an overview of your website visitors’ behavior when they’re interacting with your brand online. Track your overall website performance and user experience with metrics like page sessions, website traffic, demographics, page load time, etc.

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Session metrics, Conversion Rate, Site content, Keyword Ranking, Link Building stats… There are so many KPIs you need to be tracking in your Search engine optimization report, and we have the perfect same SEO report for you and your reporting needs!

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Digital marketing report template Digital marketing report template

Track your digital marketing efforts in one easy-to-understand marketing report. Our digital marketing reports let you track organic search traffic, email marketing campaigns, PPC results, e-commerce, and your social media presence all in one spot.

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New sessions best practices

Here are some of the best practices you should keep in mind in order to achieve a higher number of new sessions. 

Pages per session best practices

step 1 icon Create compelling content

Create compelling content that will keep users coming back for more. Creating engaging content will encourage visitors to share and attract more new sessions.

step 2 icon Build trust and credibility with your audience

Build trust and credibility with your audience by providing helpful information they can use. If you've gotten new sessions from ads, and a user clicks onto your site and realizes that the content is deceptive, this could deter others from engaging with your page. Delivering what was promised builds trust and encourages organic reach based on others sharing and referring you to more users.

step 3 icon Achieve good page loading time

Make sure your website loads quickly, so customers don't get frustrated waiting for pages to load. If your website doesn't load within seconds, most users don't have the patience to wait for things to pop up. Also, make sure that your site is optimized for any device, as this will increase session duration and make it easier for visitors to return.

The best habit is to consult your Google analytics reports frequently and change your marketing and SEO strategy. A single session is not always the best indicator, so look at all of your website sessions to understand your audience's behaviors. When your page is optimized for SEO, is mobile-friendly, and you've revised user behavior during your Google Analytics sessions, you should see improvements in the number of sessions for your website.

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