Every marketer knows how much “impressions” are essential when tracking website analytics, campaigns, social media, etc. Although it should always be measured alongside other metrics, it gives a good idea of the number of people reached by your digital marketing strategy. Keep reading below to learn why this is important and how to optimize it for your business.


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What are page impressions?

Page Impressions is the total number of times content from your web page or social media page is viewed by or shown to users. It’s usually used as a seo metric or on social media to measure brand awareness growth or ads, like ad campaigns on a Facebook page.

Page impressions are a valuable metric to consider when you want to improve your engagement rate or gain a new target audience.

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How to calculate page impressions

There is no formula to determine this data point since it is just a counted number. Instead, you can access the metric of your Facebook page, other social media analytics pages, or Google Analytics.

What is a good number of page impressions?

Since the algorithm performs differently for every account, there is no solid rule or number to follow when measuring impressions. One thing to keep in mind is the relationship between reach vs. impressions. When impression count is higher than organic reach, you know your audience is viewing your content multiple times, which might indicate a high click-through rate (ctr) and successful media engagement.

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What is a bad page impressions?

Similar to how there are not objectively strong numbers when it comes to page impressions, it is hard to objectively measure a bad impression rate. It is all about navigating the relationship between your organic reach and impressions.

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Page impressions KPI examples & templates

From SEO to e-commerce and Google Analytics 4, your website impressions and other web metrics can be added to a few of our templates.

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Google analytics report template Google analytics report template

Our Google Universal Analytics report sample makes your client reporting simple! Track all your web analytics, from single-page metrics to the number of sessions to page view and website traffic metrics.

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Social media report template Social media report template

Track your social media performance by merging your social platforms in our comprehensive social media report template. Measure key metrics like CPM (cost per mille), impressions, or cost per click.

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SEO report template SEO report template

Gather all your favorite SEO tools, from Google Analytics to SEMrush, Ahrefs, and way more, into a single, awesome SEO report! With our SEO report template, you can track all your organic performance, SEO efforts, and keyword rankings in seconds.

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Page impressions best practices

To achieve a high number of organic page impressions, here are some of the best practices you should keep in mind:

Pageviews best practices

step 1 icon Use targeted ads

Ad impressions can result in web visitors, so you want to add marketing campaigns to your digital marketing strategy. Whether you decide on banner ads, display ads, google adwords, or social media campaigns, make sure your ads are targeted to your audience and add value.

step 2 icon Pay attention to bots and crawlers

A large part of why page impressions should be measured alongside other metrics is because, sometimes, it can be a vanity metric and doesn’t represent reality. This is why you should look at the number of impressions but also the number of page views, engagement rate, visitor clicks, and conversions.

step 3 icon Optimize your search engine optimization

To get a high number of page impressions on your website, you need to get people to see your pages, and this is why SEO should be a high priority in your online marketing strategy. Appearing high on the SERP when people perform a Google Search will allow more people to view your content, click and convert into potential leads.

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