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So you've set up an email marketing campaign full of links to products on your website that your subscribers can engage with. But now, you need to know the open rate of these links, how many total clicks they are getting, and other metrics about the email campaign that will help you learn about your audience engagement. When reflecting on the number of recipients who engaged with your email marketing the way you hoped, one metric you will want to track is unique clicks.

This post will cover everything you need to know about tracking and optimizing your unique click metrics.


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What are unique clicks?

Unique click is a metric that shows how many recipients clicked on your links. This does not include the number of times each individual may have clicked on a link but instead is only measuring unique opens. So, for example, if one reader clicked on a unique link six times, it would still count as only one total number of clicks. This metric is a great building block to later determine your click-through rate (ctr), total opens, and other metrics.

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How to calculate unique clicks?

The unique click rate is the number of unique clicks to the number of overall emails delivered in a given campaign. Typically, your analytics dashboard will track these link clicks for you, but below is the formula to calculate the figure. 

Unique clicks formula


Unique click rate = (Number of unique clicks / total number of email recipients) * 100

What are good unique clicks?

A good unique click rate is 2-5%, depending on the industry. This means that at least a portion of your unique users are getting a notification and engaging with your email content.

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What are bad unique clicks?

Anything below the 2% mark reflects a low unique click rate. It can indicate that your subscriber clicks need to increase significantly to generate successful engagement with your campaign.

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Unique Clicks KPI examples & templates

Your unique clicks can be (and should be) added to multiple different types of reports. Here are some of them:

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Google analytics report template Google analytics report template

A report with all the most important metrics for your SEO strategy. Track all your web analytics, from single-page data, page load time, organic searches, and more.

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Digital marketing report template Digital marketing report template

From SEO to social media and PPC, this report gives you a good view of all your online marketing strategy metrics and overall online performance. 

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PPC report template PPC report template

Check your metrics from all your marketing channels and social media platforms from Instagram ads, Facebook advertising, google search ads, bing ads, or Linkedin ads. You can also track this data alongside your business metrics and industry benchmark.

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Unique clicks best practices

If you are seeing a unique click rate not delivering the business results you need, consider utilizing some of the following strategies to boost your email engagement.

Bounce rate best practices

step 1 icon Engage with social media

Include links to your social media accounts to get your subscribers interested in your brand and content at a more general level. This allows readers to engage with your business on platforms that may be more convenient to them.

step 2 icon Personalize the email

Increase the successful deliverability of the email by personalizing the subject line or greeting so that customers are more inclined to view it as a valuable piece of communication rather than a spam message that is flooding their inbox.

step 3 icon Focus on a single CTA

Keep your focus narrow. Too many links in one email with a wide range of 'call to action' buttons may confuse readers and reduce your goal's effectiveness in generating page views for a single destination. You are better off having a more concise, streamlined call to action so that it funnels readers to the desired location. If necessary, employ email list segmentation to optimize this to the fullest.

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