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Facebook hardly needs an introduction: it’s the most popular social network in existence today, with over 1.8 billion users. Of these, over 1.2 billion users log on every day. With Facebook Ads, you can take advantage of this audience and target your ads to your ideal clients. With a Facebook Ads dashboard, you can understand what tactics work, how to optimize your ads, and allocate your budget accordingly.

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Facebook Ads Dashboard Preset Widgets

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Available Metrics, Segments, & Dimensions

These are the top 10 metrics and dimensions users usually include in their Facebook Ads dashboard:

This is the total number of actions that users took that can be directly attributed to your ad. Actions can include anything from engagement, clicks and conversions.
Clicks (All)
This is the total number of times users have clicked on your ad.
Amount Spent
This is the total amount of money spent on your campaign, ad set or ad during its schedule.
Button Clicks
This is the number of times users clicked on the call-to-action button on your ad.
Unique CTR (Link Click-Through Rate)
This is the percentage of users who saw your ad and completed a link click.
Cost Per Any Action
This is calculated by dividing the total number of actions on your ad by the total cost of the ad.
This is the average number of times each user saw your ad.
Post Comments
This is the total number of comments your ads received (or posts, in some cases).
Post Engagement
The total number of actions that people take involving your ads.
Ad Set
This shows the breakdown of results by the name of your Ad Set.

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