The Versatility of Automation Options in Digital Marketing

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As automation tools became more versatile in recent years, it's now possible for digital marketers to take full advantage and automate many repetitive tasks.


Automating marketing tasks requires the proper tools and just a bit of marketing prowess. With automated tools, you can send personalized or customer-tailored emails and post to social media sites with little to no effort on your part.


What Can You Automate in Digital Marketing?


You can automate virtually anything because of the vast number of tools that rely on machine learning and AI. Best of all, you don't need to have extensive knowledge about the mechanisms behind the tools. 


When you’re looking for automation tools, take into consideration what tasks you’re ready to let go. Tasks that weigh you down or take too much time to be worthwhile are the tasks you should automate first. 


Many people quickly jump to email when asked what takes up their day and feels like it delivers minimal reward even though email marketing can provide a ROI of $38 for each dollar spent. Needless to say, email marketing isn’t the only task that can need automation. 


Here are a couple of other digital marketing tasks you can automate:


Essentially, you can automate your most tedious tasks. Then you can turn your attention towards facilitating your sales funnel, creating content, and generating leads.


Tools for Email Automation


Emails are still a game-changer in almost every marketing strategy. That said, it's not feasible or reasonable to spend too much time crafting emails. Even creating templates can be time-consuming. Email automation comes in to save the day with various tools that have templates, work on triggers, or send out notices on dedicated time delays. 


Make the emails in your digital marketing campaign even more successful with automated drip campaigns, triggered emails, and more. One tip that is useful for many content marketers is to stagger their distribution through drip campaigns and give notices of new content through scheduled newsletters as well. 




Sendinblue is a software that allows you to create entirely automated workflows for emails. It works with segmented email lists for the most significant impact and pairs up well with OptinMonster. With this software, you can not only cut down your time coordinating email send-offs and timing because of the workflows, but you'll cut downtime crafting as well.


This software uses a drag-and-drop template system. So instead of working with a variety of questionable buttons, you simply write out your email. Then drag the appropriate elements into place for personalization and changing characteristics such as service offerings or dates. Sendinblue makes it easy to create entire drip campaigns and event-triggered emails at one time. You can automate various aspects, so you don't have to return to these templates later.  




ActiveCampaign focuses on the lifecycle of either a product or the consumer. It tracks consumer's interactions as it's also a CRM and then sends out emails based on that user's history. This tool is meant to work as a full functioning multi-channel marketing management platform.  


However, it works best as an email tool because of its ability to automate emails based on user activity. You can use automated split testing to get the most effective campaign or workflow and getting you the best ROI possible. 




MailChimp may be the most popular automation tool found here, and you may have used it previously. It’s the “starter” tool for anyone interested in easing into automation. That doesn't mean it's any less powerful; it's just very beginner-friendly.


What makes this tool stand out is that MailChimp relies heavily on machine learning to continue to get better. Use MailChimp for cart abandonment emails, welcome emails, and other trigger emails based on-site activity. They pride themselves on delivering date-based and welcome automation

Automation for Bloggers and Content Creators


Bloggers, YouTubers, and other content creators often struggle between spending time making their content and then promoting it. The more time that you can dedicate to crafting outstanding content, the less time you have to schedule postings and to generate leads.


Blogger outreach tools can have a considerable impact, although none are truly automated. Instead, you need an outreach tool that will deliver high impact with low work requirements. For content creators templates with customization options are the best way to go. You can create templates for replies on different levels which come into play at different times. 




BuzzStream delivers automation in two methods. First, it allows you to create templates which you can customize to varying degrees and create sequences from those templates. Then when you send an email or schedule a series of emails, you’ll receive an automated notice for following up days later. A quick reminder that you hadn’t heard back and following up with a more personalized email may produce a response. 


This outreach tool helps with monitoring the marketing efforts that you send out in bulk, such as queries for guest posts. Not to mention it runs A/B testing on your templates to tell you which are cultivating the best responses. 


Although most people know how valuable it is to schedule your newsletters well ahead of time, you should regularly remind readers of your evergreen content. For example, when your A/B testing shows a particularly successful format, be sure to link to your most valuable content. 


Tools for Managing and Scheduling Social Media 


Using social media for business is standard practice now. Don't overlook the power of Instagram or Facebook in your marketing mix and make sure that your posts and brand image are compliant with current rules on the platform. Then use these tools to make sure you're getting the most out of your social accounts. 




Onlypult is an incredibly valuable tool for Instagram marketing. It allows you to automate social sharing, perpetuate ads (within reason) and have up-to-date social analytics. When you’re looking to cultivate a higher ROI, Instagram marketing deserves a fair amount of attention. Instagram outperforms even Facebook with 23% higher ad spending




Act-on is a multi-channel automated marketing software that syncs up with many different CRMs. Mostly you can manage social media, nurture leads, and even campaign analysis. It relies on using the data your CRM captures to produce real-time analytics and then sends emails or provides a predetermined response.  


The biggest payoff here is with social media integration and real-time information. Your marketing team can see a new lead, and immediately act to cultivate engagement and start nurturing that new interest.

Tool for Marketing Data Reporting




DashThis is a marketing reporting tool, enabling you to track all your marketing data into one report. You don’t have to go fetch your data from your multiple marketing tools such as Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics. Simply connect them to DashThis and create a report that will automatically get updated every single day with your latest data. 


What Should You Expect in the Future?


Automation has come a long way. Now you can schedule posts months ahead of time, or toggle campaigns based on results of A/B testing without ever having to do anything. These tools here often work in conjunction with larger platforms such as OptinMonster or analytics features to segment your audience. 

As AI and growth learning continue to advance, you may see a faster response time or more data-driven initiatives. As of 2018, over half of marketers relied on tools that used AI, and that will only continue to grow. The biggest thing that you should expect from automated digital marketing tools in the next few years is data generation rather than just data capturing. AI is becoming adept at predicting data trends and fluctuations, making it possible to use AI proactively in marketing rather than reactively.


Track all your marketing data in an all-in-one automated reporting tool!


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Antonija Bozickovic

Antonija is an internet marketing specialist at Point Visible, a marketing agency providing custom outreach and link building service. She has a great interest in digital marketing and a soft spot for graphic design. She’s never tired of searching for new inspirations, listening to her favorite music and creating digital illustrations.

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