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When it comes to your audience, customers, or followers, the key to success is engagement. This metric is an accurate indication of the success of your social media marketing and the quality of your followers, subscribers, or customers. We will explore everything to know about engagement rates, including how it’s measured and how to improve them.


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What is the engagement rate?

The engagement rate benchmarks measure how actively involved your followers are with your content. Actions that your followers may take, such as liking or commenting on a post, indicate engaging with your content. So unlike follower counts, which prioritize having a high number of followers, your total engagement is a measure of how present those followers are and, therefore, how much they value your content.

Engagement rate is ultimately one of the most important metrics to measure in your marketing campaigns and social media platforms. Social media engagement matters because it shows you that your followers value your piece of content, that it is high quality, and that it may be a clue for how you should approach your marketing strategy moving forward.

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How to calculate the engagement rate

Calculation of engagement rate is complex and can factor in various variables depending on the platform. For example, it is typically measured by time spent on each page, average page views, shares, and more on websites. On platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook, it is measured by the number of likes, shares, comments, or retweets. To calculate the total engagement rate, the platform’s engagement rate calculator or analytics tool assesses the previously mentioned actions as a ratio to your overall follower count.

Engagement Rate formula


Engagement rate = (total engagement / total number of followers) * 100

What is a good engagement rate?

Anything between 1% and 3.5% is considered an average engagement rate, with a higher engagement rate represented by anything over 3.5%. This number in your social media analytics shows that your target audience is connecting with the types of content you are posting. Therefore, a high engagement rate will result in a better overall performance in the algorithm of social networks.

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What is a bad engagement rate?

Anything lower than 1% is considered a bad engagement rate. This is why it is essential not to buy followers. Bots and fake followers will not engage with your content and ultimately lower the rate, pushing you lower in the algorithm. When you see influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers but hardly any likes on their social media posts, you can be sure that their engagement rate is low and that the marketing team will be taking on a new strategy for their social media posts in the future.

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Engagement rate KPI examples & templates

Your engagement rate can be added to multiple different types of reports. Here are some of them:

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Social media report template Social media report template

Our social media report template has everything you need to get your marketing team started quickly: it’s pre-built with the standard social media metrics and KPIs you need, and it’s fully customizable so that you can visualize the data you want, the way you want. From tweets to Instagram analytics stats and hashtags, you'll be able to track your entire social media performance at a glance.

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Hotel marketing report template Hotel marketing report template

Make marketing and sales reporting a breeze with our sales report template. You can keep on top of your bookings, ad campaigns, organic search results, social media presence, and more with customizable reporting templates. Use DashThis to quickly and easily create your sales and marketing reports so you can spend more time on marketing activities and sales operations. 

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Community management report template Community management report template

Track all your social media performance, and show your social media strategy results to your boss in no time! Spend less time reporting and more time on growing your community with this all-in-one community management report template.

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Engagement rate best practices

Here are a few tips and best practices to keep in mind when looking at engagement rate. 

Pageviews best practices

step 1 icon Leverage Hashtags

Hashtags can help you find the right target audience and improve your engagement metrics among individuals who don’t even follow you. In addition, putting hashtags on your Instagram reels and other posts will help the post connect with Instagram users interested in that niche and are more likely to engage with the content.

step 2 icon Produce High-Definition Video Materials

Focusing your efforts on Instagram reels and TikTok content can help you reach a wider audience. These both produce a large portion of organic traffic and can get a network of social media users who don’t already follow you.

step 3 icon Share Your Best Images

Rather than focusing purely on the number of posts, be sure that you are posting your best content that will encourage active engagement from the audience.

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