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Looking to automate data fetching, and get great data visualization and client reporting? Want an analytics platform that's user friendly and offers an all-in-one digital marketing reporting tool for tracking performance metrics and business performance? Well, DashThis is just the thing: it's every agencies alternative to Octoboard.

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Why is DashThis the Octoboard alternative you’ve been looking for?

DashThis is a reporting platform created specifically with marketers in mind and it's packed full of features to make marketing analytics a breeze. Whether you're a freelancer, a small business or a big agency, you'll get amazing time-saving features in whatever plan you choose and benefit from our awesome customer support. How good is that!

  • octoboard alternative interface

    Multi-account aggregation

    Your clients have multiple websites and multiple Google Analytics accounts to track web analytics KPIs? No problem! You can add multiple accounts to a single dashboard, and even aggregate your stats so all your data will be in one spot.

  • octoboard alternative report

    All marketing channels in one dashboard

    Digital marketing doesn't happen on just one channel and you need to stay on top of all your efforts to make sure they're effective. Our digital marketing tool allows you to combine all your channels into one dashboard for a comprehensive reporting solution.

  • octoboard alternative support

    Personalized support just for you

    Our customer support is second to none. No matter which plan you choose you'll get amazing personalized support. DashThis is all about ease of use and we're not the 'work it out on your own', self-service type.

  • octoboard alternative sharing

    Multiple sharing options

    Easily share reports with clients or managers: send an email with a PDF report attached or send out a link so your clients can see the report in real time. You can even automate the process and save even more time!

  • octoboard alternative fees

    Unlimited users, integrations & more

    Unlimited users, unlimited access to all our integrations, unlimited email customer support...the list goes on. The value for money you get with DashThis' marketing platform is amazing. No extra fees, no hidden charges, just a great reporting software.

  • White-label everything… without effort

    We know your brand is important to you so we are giving you a multitude of white-label options that allow you to create dashboards that fully represent your brand like custom themes, logos, URLs, and email addresses. 

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DashThis has all the reporting features you’ve been looking for!

octoboard alternative unlimited users Perfect preset templates

We have a stack of preset templates to start with so you don't have to create everything from the ground up every time. And if you create a custom dashboard you can save it and use it as a template as well.

octoboard alternative custom Dashboard password protection

Concerned about data security or want to ensure proprietary data stays safe? You can add password protection to your dashboards so you're in control of who can see your data.

octoboard alternative data All your data sources

Combine your data sources, accounts, or pages - it's super easy. DashThis supports over 30 of the most popular digital marketing tools and can be added in just a few clicks. No IT specialists needed (and no Excel spreadsheets either)!

octoboard alternative historical Historical data

Track your success over the long term: DashThis saves 13 months worth of data so you can spot long term trends, glean business intelligence, and see how your efforts have paid off over time. Just use our historical trend widget.

octoboard alternative insight Your expert insights

Easily add comments directly to client reports instead of sending a separate email or creating a separate document. You can choose between adding notes, comment boxes and even images!

octoboard alternative tool Simple & intuitive design

Digital marketing reporting shouldn't be a hassle. That's why DashThis' SaaS was made to be intuitive and easy to use: no coding, no massive spreadsheets, no complicated anything.

White label options for even awesom-er reports

  • octoboard alternative white label
  • octoboard alternative white label 2
  • octoboard alternative white label 3
  • octoboard alternative white label 4

octoboard alternative url Custom domain

Replace the default DashThis URL by one that’s branded to your company, like reports.yourcompany.com

octoboard alternative design Custom theme

Fully customize your dashboard design with your brand, your client’s brand, or even your favourite colour schemes!

octoboard alternative themes 100% White label

Get rid of the DashThis branding altogether, add your own logo and even use your own custom email address to send reports. 

All your favourite marketing integrations

From SEO to email marketing to social media to PPC (and more!) DashThis supports over 34 of the top digital marketing tools. And, if you want to use a custom data set or use data from something we don't support (like WordpressHubspot, or Salesforce, for example), all you have to do is upload a CSV file and we'll do the visual analytics for you.

The perfect tool for your marketing agency

DashThis isn't just a KPI tracker, it's an automated reporting tool that has saved some of the top agencies a ton of time (and money) on their client reporting each month. 

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DashThis is the power behind thousands of monthly online marketing reports. Still wondering if we’re really THAT cool? These folks seem to think so!

  • Easy, convenient, and fast to set up.
    Laurent Roumieu - PPC Analyst / Paid Search / Performance Media Laurent Roumieu PPC Analyst / Paid Search / Performance Media 360i Canada
  • The biggest benefit is the time saved in terms of data collection. It's also great that the design is very pretty out of the box.
    Jonas Meister - Digital Marketing Strategist Jonas Meister Digital Marketing Strategist GnuWorld
  • We've played around with countless reporting tools over the years but none of them come anywhere close to Dashthis. The level of integration and customization of reports, as well as their outstanding client support are unrivalled!
    Reef Digital Agency Director Hadrien Brassens Director Reef Digital Agency
  • DashThis allows me to quickly and easily get my clients key multi-channel performance metrics in one easy to digest report!
    Dave Ashworth - Technical SEO Consultant Dave Ashworth Technical SEO Consultant Organic Digital
  • Game changer for client communications and expectations. Also help in the sales process!
    Darian Kovacs - Digital Marketing & PR Specialist Darian Kovacs Digital Marketing & PR Specialist Jelly Digital Marketing & PR
  • We have so much less manual work to do; we save many hours a month that can instead be used for our customers!
    Mariève Masse - SEO Specialist & Project Manager Mariève Masse SEO Specialist & Project Manager O2 Web
  • Saves a lot of time as I can pull data from various channels all within one platform!
    Natalie Martin - Digital Marketing Manager Natalie Martin Digital Marketing Manager Travel Tripper
  • Customer service has been great, quick responses. The dashboard is awesome, looks good, and has everything we need to client reporting. Kudos!
    Nekta Born - Digital Media Trader Nekta Born Digital Media Trader iProspect
  • I like your system, but love the support. It feels that your team is very willing to work with us to accomplish what we need.
    Mark Strong - Vice President of Digital Marketing Mark Strong Vice President of Digital Marketing Clear Marketing Creative Agency
  • Simple, easy, flexible, and versatile tool with a great UI.
    Juho Santala - Digital Planner Juho Santala Digital Planner Redland
  • Phenomenal customer service.
    Niek Van Santen - Managing Director Niek Van Santen Managing Director Bouncing Orange
  • This tool has helped us close new accounts and improve customer satisfaction.
    Jeff Schroeffel - President / Lead Consultant Jeff Schroeffel President / Lead Consultant Pittsburgh Internet Consulting
  • DashThis provides us with the metrics we need as well as an easy way to automate our client reporting. Also, their customer support is great.
    Tarek Reda - Head of Digital Marketing Tarek Reda Head of Digital Marketing bfound
  • We use so many different reporting platforms - this consolidates what we give our clients.
    Leigh Ann Moltz - Digital Marketing Manager Leigh Ann Moltz Digital Marketing Manager Eighty Three Creative
  • DashThis is a phenomenal tool for communicating with clients and staff. With 10 minutes of set up, I can create a custom report for a client that speaks to their digital marketing goals.
    Michelle Henderson - Founder Bad Cat Digital Agency Michelle Henderson Founder Bad Cat Digital
  • We used to spend 30-40 hrs on monthly reporting. We’re now down to 10-20 hours max while providing even more detailed information.
    Brad Blackburn - Director of Search Engine Marketing at GravityFree Brad Blackburn Director of Search Engine Marketing GravityFree
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