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Dashboard Integration Background Header is an easy and reliable keyword ranking tool, perfect to track your rank tracking SEO data quickly. Add to your SEO reporting to have a reliable rank tracker and follow your SEO progress easily.

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Your Keyword ranking dashboard could look this great

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White Label Dashboard Your logo

Whether your own or your client’s logo, make your SEO report reflect your brand!

All-in-one keyword ranking Dashboards All-in-one

Drag-and-drop your widgets onto your dashboard to create a clean report layout that includes all the information you need. from search engine metrics, to PPC, or any other digital marketing data.

Custom keyword ranking Dashboard Your data

Customize your widgets to show the ranking data you want, the way you want to. All your preferred SEO metrics and search engine results in one good-looking SEO dashboard.

Available Preset Widgets

Featuring the most common KPIs, these widgets are ready to use in your ranking dashboard! Drag, drop, done!

Keyword ranking Dashboard Preset Widgets
  • Top Keywords by Rank

    This is a list of your top ranking keywords. This multi-column list widget shows the current rank and the start rank of your pages for each given keyword.

  • top ranking urls

    Top URLs by Rank

    This is a list of your top ranking URLs. This multi-column list widget shows the current rank and the start rank of your pages.

  • Average Ranking

    Average Ranking

    The average ranking attributed to all your pages.

Want to see all our SEO KPIs preset widgets?
You’ll find them in your new SEO dashboard!

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Available Metrics & Dimensions

These are the top metrics and dimensions users usually include in their dashboard:

Start Rank
The ranking recorded for the related page when the given keyword was first added in.
The ranking of the related page with a given keyword.
The words tracked in your keywords list.
The complete URL associated with a given keyword.

Track your keyword rank along with all your other SEO metrics in your new dashboard!

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Other Useful Integrations

You probably use many of those native DashThis integrations already, may it be for your SEO efforts, social media, or analytics efforts, why not connect them all in your reports?

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