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Want a simple yet powerful tool to track digital marketing KPIs and make informed decisions about business objectives? Look no further than our KPI report template.

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An awesome KPI report template for agencies & marketers

Tracking key performance indicators is an essential part of any digital marketer's job. So why make it hard on yourself - our KPI report template lets you track KPIs in real-time across all your digital marketing efforts in one KPI dashboard. It's simple, powerful and effective.

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Most useful report template KPIs

From sales KPIs to business performance KPIs, you can easily track different KPIs with our reporting dashboard. If you're not sure what the right KPIs are to include, don't worry: our report template comes preloaded with the top KPIs you should be staying on top of.

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  • Best converting goals

    Business Goals

    These are what you're really after so its important that you have a good picture of goals and conversions so you can determine whether you're meeting your strategic goals.

    • Goal Completions
    • Goal Conversion Rate
    • Goal Value
    • Conversion rate
  • Financial KPIs

    Financial KPIs

    It always comes down to the bottom line so you'd do well to stay on top of the numbers. Clients, executives and managers will all want to see how your work is generating profit.

    • Google Adwords costs
    • Return-on Investment (ROI)
    • Revenues
  • Business Metrics

    Business Metrics

    Website and social media performance data are essential to developing actionable insights into your marketing strategy and overall business objectives.

    • Search Engine Traffic (Organic)
    • Website Sessions per time frame
    • Total number of Social Media followers

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How to create your own KPI report

It's so easy to start creating your own KPI reports with DashThis that there's really no excuse not to.

discover our preset KPI report template

step 1 icon Create your free DashThis account

Just enter an email address and a password.

step 2 icon Connect your favourite KPI tools

Whether it's Google Analytics, social media marketing, PPC or anything in between, just link your accounts and the data will be included in your report.

step 3 icon Select your digital marketing KPI template

Choose from our many preset templates like digital marketing, email marketing, Google Ads, and more!

Automate your KPI reporting process with our 34+ integrations

Keep data from all your digital marketing efforts in one spot and let us take care of the data fetching so you don't have to spend hours plugging numbers into Excel.

Automate your KPI reporting process with DashThis!

Get 10 dashboards for 15 days!


Automate your KPI Report

Who wants to spend half a day manually entering data? Not us! That's why our KPI reporting tool is automated, so we take care of the numbers for you. And, if you have a custom data set just upload it in a CSV file and we'll do the rest.

marketing reporting tool features

Data visualization Data visualization

It's your data, so display it how you want. From charts to graphs to tables to gauges, there's a ton of different ways you can visualize your data.

marketing report custom data Preset KPI widgets

Not sure where to start? Our preset widgets are loaded with the most commonly used KPIs chosen by our experts to give you a running start.


Sharing capabilities Sharing capabilities

Make sure the people who need to see marketing reports get the info on time. You can set up automatic sharing so every month a report gets dropped into their inbox.

Effective KPI Reports

We've got reports for every realm of digital marketing so no matter what you want to track we've got a report for you.

digital marketing report templates

Monthly Sales report Monthly Sales report

Creating monthly sales reports doesn't need to be a hassle - our monthly sales report makes it a breeze.


Marketing report Marketing report

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Ecommerce report Ecommerce report

Our ecommerce report has all the important KPIs so you can track everything from sales to profit margins.


Facebook Ads report Facebook Ads report

Make sure your Facebook Ads are performing the way you want with our Facebook Ads report.

Other Templates for Marketers

After some other type of report? No worries!

other marketing report templates

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Digital Marketing Report Template icon Digital Marketing Report Template

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  • Easy, convenient, and fast to set up.
    Laurent Roumieu - PPC Analyst / Paid Search / Performance Media Laurent Roumieu PPC Analyst / Paid Search / Performance Media 360i Canada
  • The biggest benefit is the time saved in terms of data collection. It's also great that the design is very pretty out of the box.
    Jonas Meister - Digital Marketing Strategist Jonas Meister Digital Marketing Strategist GnuWorld
  • We've played around with countless reporting tools over the years but none of them come anywhere close to Dashthis. The level of integration and customization of reports, as well as their outstanding client support are unrivalled!
    Reef Digital Agency Director Hadrien Brassens Director Reef Digital Agency
  • DashThis allows me to quickly and easily get my clients key multi-channel performance metrics in one easy to digest report!
    Dave Ashworth - Technical SEO Consultant Dave Ashworth Technical SEO Consultant Organic Digital
  • Game changer for client communications and expectations. Also help in the sales process!
    Darian Kovacs - Digital Marketing & PR Specialist Darian Kovacs Digital Marketing & PR Specialist Jelly Digital Marketing & PR
  • We have so much less manual work to do; we save many hours a month that can instead be used for our customers!
    Mariève Masse - SEO Specialist & Project Manager Mariève Masse SEO Specialist & Project Manager O2 Web
  • Saves a lot of time as I can pull data from various channels all within one platform!
    Natalie Martin - Digital Marketing Manager Natalie Martin Digital Marketing Manager Travel Tripper
  • Customer service has been great, quick responses. The dashboard is awesome, looks good, and has everything we need to client reporting. Kudos!
    Nekta Born - Digital Media Trader Nekta Born Digital Media Trader iProspect
  • I like your system, but love the support. It feels that your team is very willing to work with us to accomplish what we need.
    Mark Strong - Vice President of Digital Marketing Mark Strong Vice President of Digital Marketing Clear Marketing Creative Agency
  • Simple, easy, flexible, and versatile tool with a great UI.
    Juho Santala - Digital Planner Juho Santala Digital Planner Redland
  • Phenomenal customer service.
    Niek Van Santen - Managing Director Niek Van Santen Managing Director Bouncing Orange
  • This tool has helped us close new accounts and improve customer satisfaction.
    Jeff Schroeffel - President / Lead Consultant Jeff Schroeffel President / Lead Consultant Pittsburgh Internet Consulting
  • DashThis provides us with the metrics we need as well as an easy way to automate our client reporting. Also, their customer support is great.
    Tarek Reda - Head of Digital Marketing Tarek Reda Head of Digital Marketing bfound
  • We use so many different reporting platforms - this consolidates what we give our clients.
    Leigh Ann Moltz - Digital Marketing Manager Leigh Ann Moltz Digital Marketing Manager Eighty Three Creative
  • DashThis is a phenomenal tool for communicating with clients and staff. With 10 minutes of set up, I can create a custom report for a client that speaks to their digital marketing goals.
    Michelle Henderson - Founder Bad Cat Digital Agency Michelle Henderson Founder Bad Cat Digital
  • We used to spend 30-40 hrs on monthly reporting. We’re now down to 10-20 hours max while providing even more detailed information.
    Brad Blackburn - Director of Search Engine Marketing at GravityFree Brad Blackburn Director of Search Engine Marketing GravityFree
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